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Toshiba pa3285u-1bas battery life

Top 10 Ways To Improve HTC Desire Battery Life and Performance

On the first day I got my Telstra HTC Desire, I wanted to see how the device would perform in my daily regime with the default settings. The only other apps that I downloaded and also ran throughout the day were Seesmic (Twitter Client) and Battery Widget (to monitor battery status on homepage). I took the HTC Desire off the charger at 6am and was dismayed to find that by …Continue reading →

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New iPod Touch & iPod Nano Launched

In addition to the new iPhone 5, Apple unveiled new generations of its iPod touch and iPod nano, which the company still calls “music players” although they both do much more than play music. Like the iPhone 5, both the new iPod touch and the new iPod nano will incorporate Apple’s new Lightning dock connector, that is smaller than the …Continue reading →

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