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iPhone 5

Top 10 Reasons Why iPhone 5 Launch in September

Apple’s iPhone 5 will be launching in September, according to the latest reports. If that proves true September should prove to be the perfect month to give the iPhone 5 a time of its own in the spotlight. Apple is undoubtedly working on a new iPhone. And according to several rumors, the device will come with a bigger screen, a …Continue reading →

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Liquidmetal Concept Design iPhone 5

iPhone 5: Liquidmetal Concept Design Makes Us Wish It Was Real After various recent rumors indicating that Apple may completely redesign the next-generation iPhone and integrate new materials, a French designer went a little further and came up with an impressive concept design for the much-anticipated iPhone 5, by adding a splash of Liquidmetal. French designer Antoine Brieux developed a …Continue reading →

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iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III: Specs Compared

The much anticipated Apple event has come and gone, leaving us with a number of new iPods, a revamp of iTunes, and, of course, the new Apple iPhone 5. This is not the incremental upgrade we saw from the iPhone 4 to the 4S. No, this is a whole new beast, featuring a bigger display, faster processor, 4G LTE, and …Continue reading →

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