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Dell XPS Laptop Battery

Dell XPS 14z laptop review and Dell XPS Battery Life Test

Dell inspiron 1525 laptop battery Li-ion, 11.1V, 4400mAh only AU $53.92 REVIEW: When it comes to it’s footprint, Dell’s 14z notebook isn’t a large machine. In fact, it’s a compact thing that fits into a backpack with ease and is a minuscule 23mm thick. The 14z is attractive too, with a nice aluminum top and underside, and a large hinge …Continue reading →

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Top 5 Insanely Thin and Light Ultrabooks

There’s a whole new wave of gadgets right around the corner that you might not have even known you needed — until now, of course. Meet the ultrabook, a class of super-slim, considerably powerful notebook computers that are cut from the same cloth as Apple’s MacBook Air. “Ultrabook” might not be a word you’ve heard before, but the idea is meant to …Continue reading →

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How to maximize Dell xps 13 ultrabook battery life

No question battery life continues to be an extremely important part of laptops and mobile devices. The longer a battery lasts away from a power source, the more productive you can be. Better battery life might enable you to answer a few more critical e-mails, or allow your kids to finish that DVD on the long plane ride home. Battery …Continue reading →

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