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Nation-Sized Solar Battery and Battery Technology

As we look to transition away from fossil fuels, solar and wind are attractive options. Key factors making them compelling are: the inexhaustibility of the source with use (i.e., renewable); their low carbon footprint; and the independence that small-scale distribution can foster (I’ll never put a nuclear plant on my roof, even if it would make me the coolest physicist …Continue reading →

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NewerTech introduces a MacBook Pro replacement laptop battery

The NuPower is reportedly less expensive and demonstrates longer runtime than the laptop batteries you purchase on Apple’s website. Based in Illinois, United States, NewerTech is supposedly the first company to develop and sell memory products for the Macintosh line of PCs during the 80s. Today, it has a wide range of goods to sell and one of those caught …Continue reading →

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New Laptop Batteries Made Of Jelly Could Provide Cheap, Safe Power

Is your laptop too heavy? Blame your laptop battery — but thankfully, bulky, heavy and potentially dangerous lithium batteries won’t be around forever. Ian Ward, a physics research professor at the University of Leeds in the U.K. has come up with a new polymer gel — in other words, a jelly — that could be used to create a new …Continue reading →

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