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Asus a33-f3 battery

Unboxing: Asus M70 full HD powerhouse

Unboxing a 17″ full HD powerhouse, we give a first glimpse of the new Asus M70 with 1 T4ERABYTE of hard drive space! Another package, this time, weighing a bit more on the heavy side than the Lenovo we just got…. And for good reason! It’s the fully featured HD powerhouse from Asus a32-f9 battery. The M70 to be exact. …Continue reading →

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Ultrabooks Make Sense for Business 5 Reasons

Unlike the netbook craze that stormed the PC market a few years ago (and just as quickly fizzled out thanks to the rise of the Apple iPad), it looks as though Ultrabooks are here to stay. Whereas netbooks made use of power efficient, yet pokey Intel Atom processors and slow hard disk drives (HDDs), today’s latest crop of Ultrabooks make …Continue reading →

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